Hi, I’m Viny Mazzarisi owner and operator of Mazzi
Dogz & Cafe
, located at 555 Valley Road in West
Orange, NJ and originally my goal is to serve my
customers “The Best Hot Dog” ever, and so I did.

Ever since I could remember I was in love with hot
dogs. Steamed, boiled, broiled, BBQ, or roasted on
a stick, it didn’t matter, as long as it was a hot dog I
was in heaven.

As I grew older I started to experience more than the
supermarket version and graduated to the Big
League. Ah yes the pushcart dog. Remembering
back, “It was love at first bite”, the smell of cooked
onions coming from that truck, the snap of the hot
dog and the explosion of flavors were and still are
too great to describe in words.

From that day forth I knew I was destined to open a
store of my own. I know what tastes great and I want
to share it with you.

Now I'm serving up the Best Burgers, Cheese
Steaks, Italian Sausages and Hand Cut Fries. Plain
and simple.So come on down and check us out!

Love Viny.
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2011
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